Curriculum at Sunnyside

Curriculum Statement

An emergent and thematic based curriculum will engage children in learning skills through a variety of methods while addressing district and state standards. Meaningful connections and multi-sensory experiences will occur in whole group, small group, one-on-one, and individual learning centers. The solid skills in reading, writing, and math will be taught with a variety of tools and materials to meet the needs and levels of each learner.

Assessment Overview

Each student's Individual Learning Portfolio will consist of a collection of formal and informal assessments. Your child's progress will be documented through writing samples, drawings, homework, class participation, reading level assessments, self-evaluations, developmental checklists, and pictures of your child at work. Assessment is an integral part of a child's portfolio; its data communicates your child's growth in learning and mastery of curriculum standards.

Parent Involvement

Sunnyside Preschool offers the opportunity to begin a partnership between school and home. We welcome parents who are able to participate in their child's learning environment. Throughout the year a wide range of opportunities will arise for parent involvement inside or outside of regular classroom hours and we encourage you to find an opportunity that appeals to you.