Sunnyside FAQs

What Are Your Hours of Operation?

Monday through Thursday: 9:00 am - 3:00pm; Friday: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

When Is Enrollment?

Fall enrollment begins at the beginning of each calendar year for our current clients and open enrollment for new families begins in February at our scheduled open house. Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year on a space available and first come, first served basis. Classes do fill up quickly. We have many returning students graduating to their next level class as well as siblings of students enrolling, therefore it is imperative to not delay in securing your child's spot in our program. Please call the school to schedule your tour. 425.334.6563.

Download the registration form (PDF format)

Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee for all classes is due at the time of registration to secure your child's spot. One half of the fee is refundable up to May 1st should circumstances arise and you are unable to attend Sunnyside in the fall.


Tuition begins at $180 per month and goes up from there based upon the classroom program selected and is due by the 5th of every month. It is a prorated 10-month tuition based on an hourly rate. You are only charged for the scheduled school days.

How Do You Determine Which Child Is In Which Class?

At Sunnyside we place our students in classes with students of their same age. Our class programs include our Preschool - ages 3 going on 4; Young 4's - turning 4 between September 1 and December 31; Pre-K - ages 4 going on 5; and Jumpstart Kindergarten - turning 5 by December 31 with reading enrichment options for pre-k classes.

Do You Have Toilet Training Requirements?

To be enrolled into our Preschool Program, we ask that your child is toilet trained. This means your child is aware of when they need to go and can wipe/flush/wash. Please dress your child in clothing that they can fasten and unfasten themselves, as we encourage self-help skills and independence. Staff encourages "potty breaks" and accepts toileting accidents as normal in this age group and will never single out or punish a child for a "potty accident".

Do You Have An Immunization Policy?

We do ask that you provide a copy of your child's immunization records at time of registration. This ensures that we also have the most up to date medical information for your child in case of emergency.

Download the Immunization form

What Is The Student/Teacher Ratio?

Our Student to Teacher Ratio is 8:1 or less. Your child will have their lead teacher and assistant teachers with them throughout the day.

Do You Offer Lunch or Snacks?

We offer a snack of apples or other fresh fruit, complex carbohydrate and water for the children to consume. If your child's class includes a lunch break we ask that you pack nutritious foods for your child to eat. Due to the prevalence and severity of food allergies, as a precaution, we ask that parents do not send in snacks or treats containing peanut butter or any type of nut or nut products.

My Child Has A Food Allergy, How Do You Address That?

When you fill out the registration form, we do ask that you notify us of any and all allergies as your child's safety is a primary concern. We suggest providing an appropriate alternative snack/treat for your child with his/her name on them and we will keep those items specifically set aside for your child. We value the importance of including your child in times of celebration as well and preparing ahead allows the staff to do so seamlessly.

Our Curriculum

Sunnyside Preschool addresses all areas of early childhood development. Each classroom offer a variety of fun learning experiences for the children to explore and socially interact. Our staff developed and emergent curriculum includes multi-sensory experiences and hands-on learning. The children rotate trough 3-4 different classrooms during their school day so they may engage in the many learning centers that may include art, library, blocks, manipulatives, computer, listening centers, dramatic play, sensory and more! Handwriting Without Tears, Reading Enrichment, David Matteson Literacy, Math, Science, World Wonder, Music & Movement and Outdoor Play are included in the weekly lesson plans.

Do You Celebrate Holidays With The Children?

At Sunnyside we engage in nonspiritual celebration of traditional holidays. This means that we do not teach the religious meaning behind the holiday but we do enjoy visits from Santa and the Easter Bunny.

How Do You Deal With Discipline In The Classroom?

Our primary rules include being safe and respectful to everyone at school. To encourage this, we believe in positive discipline, respectful guidance and redirection for children of this age group.

What If My Child Becomes Sick At School Or If There's An Emergency?

Should your child become ill at school, we will call your primary number provided and if need be follow with the emergency contacts listed to get your child back into your care. We believe in emergency preparedness and once enrolled you will receive a welcome letter with instructions on how to make an emergency kit especially for your child. This kit we ask you to bring either at the Orientation before school starts or within the first week of school.

New to Sunnyside?

Are There Pick Up And Drop Off Rules? Who Do I Inform If I've Arranged For Someone Else To Pick Up My Child?

Please drop off your child no earlier than 5 minutes before their class time begins and please be prompt in picking your child up on time. We understand circumstances come up now and then- if you know you will be more than 5 minutes late, we ask that you call your campus to notify them. Overall we keep a tight schedule of our classes and appreciate your punctual efforts that will keep our staff on schedule.

What Are The Phone Numbers To My School Campus?

Registration Line: 425-334-6563

Parent Line (currently enrolled): 425-334-4100

What Should I Do If My Child Cries When I leave? Should I Stay To Get My Child Settled When Dropping Them Off?

For some children, this is their first separation for their parents. We understand that this is often a difficult experience for young children and parents. It is important to let your child know you are leaving, but will come back for them after class. Our staff can help you with setting up a routine that will help you and your child through the separation process. Most children calm down immediately once their parent leaves. We also understand anxiety can apply to children going through difficulties even after adjusting to their new school schedule. These include but are not limited to: illness, nightmares, death in the family, divorce, new baby, moving, a change in your personal routine, etc. Please notify us of any changes in your child that seems out of the ordinary or in your family's daily routines. All information is kept confidential.

Quick fact from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) - What causes a runny nose during a cold? When germs that cause colds first infect the nose and sinuses, the nose makes clear mucus. This helps wash the germs from the nose and sinuses. After two or three days the body's immune cells fight back, changing the mucus to a white or yellow color. As the bacteria that live in the nose grow back, they may also be found in the mucus, which changes the mucus to a greenish color. This is normal and does not mean your child needs an antibiotic.
What Should I Do If My Child Is Sick?

If you know your child will not be attending class, we do ask that you call to notify your teacher so we can anticipate the absence. Should your child become ill while at school, you will be notified immediately.

When the flu season is upon us, please remember to keep your child home if they are not feeling well due to a virus or are exhibiting any flu symptoms. Children must be fever free, without any vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school. Please keep your child home if they have extreme fatigue, coughing or excessive runny nose. Children must be able to participate in our outdoor recess as all staff is outside with their class during that time.

How Will I Know If There Is A Snow/Inclement Weather Day?

You may call your child's school campus to listen to a recorded message with updated information.

What Should My Child Wear To Class?

Please bring your child in clothing that can allow him/her to fully enjoy their time at school. To our staff that means clothes they can play, run and explore in. We pride ourselves in our hands-on projects and experiments that can get a little messy! Even the best precautions with project aprons can still lead to markers on hands and sleeves. Also, we take our classes outside rain or shine so please dress your child in weather appropriate gear.

Can My Child Bring A Special Toy To Class?

At Sunnyside, we have all necessary materials for our program. Your child will have a cubby assigned to keep their completed projects and personal items in; however, we do not recommend sending in special/expensive toys with your child-these have a tendency to get lost or broken. Although we try to monitor children's belongings, our main concern is the safety and engagement of our students. Therefore please keep special toys at home.

What Should I Do If My Child Loses A Personal Item?

To avoid lost items, we do ask that all personal items (such as coats, hats, gloves and lunch boxes) are labeled with your child's first and last name or initials. Should something be lost, please notify your child's teacher so they are made aware and also be sure to check the Lost & Found Tote located near the front door of each campus.

Can I Bring In A Treat For My Child's Birthday?

If you wish to bring a special treat for your child's birthday, please make prior arrangements with their teacher. They will know the number of children in the class and any food allergies that must be considered.

How Can I Keep Up With What's Going On In My Child's Class?

Each month your child will decorate and send home a monthly calendar. There you will find information such as the letter of the week and when book orders are due. You are also given an annual calendar at the beginning of the year noting days closed and special events like field trips and concerts. You can also sign up for the Sunnyside Preschool blog on Shutterfly to receive regular calendar updates and view photos of class activities.

Can I Volunteer In My Child's Class?

Yes, we enjoy parent volunteers! Please ask your child's teacher how and when you can help. At the beginning of the school year, we do ask that you allow your child to get used to their new routine with their new class for the first month before being in the classroom. This allows the staff to set up expectations for your child as well as the routine of what class is normally like.

What If I Decide/Need To Pull My Child Out Of School Before The End Of The Year? What Is The Notification Process?

We understand that plans change, families move and things come up. In the event that your child can no longer attend Sunnyside, we ask for a 30 day written notification.