Reading Enrichment

Our Reading Enrichment Program promotes emergent and early reading skills to help instill the confidence and appreciation for reading. Our approach includes cultivating story telling with personal narratives using the David Matteson Literacy Program, exposure to Dolch Sight Words through weekly art projects, center based activities, interactive whole group reading and reinforcement of the Emergent Reader High-Five.

Reading Enrichment is included in our Jumpstart Kindergarten and is a one-hour optional add-on to our three-day Pre-k program.

Emergent Reader High-Five, Basics to know so as readers we'll grow:

  1. Concept of Print
    • Holding books correctly
    • Learning words on a page represent a spoken word
    • Text is read from left to right
  2. Language and Listening Skills
    • Engage in asking questions about a story
    • Answer simple questions about a story
    • Retelling a familiar story in their own words
  3. Letter Knowledge
    • Identify and recognize upper and lower case letters
    • Identify each letter's sound (phonic)
  4. Phonological and Phonemic Awareness
    • Identify beginning and ending sounds of words
    • Putting sounds together to build words
    • Discovering syllables in words
    • Identifying words that rhyme
  5. Promote Interest in Learning to Read
    • Exposure to sight words to empower early reading
    • Identify and write own name
    • Engage in projects and hands on activities that make reading fun