Our passion to teach is as great as a child’s passion to learn.


Sunnyside Preschool will equip children with a life-long love of learning, a positive attitude towards new discoveries, and a willingness to take risks. We encourage all children to play, interact, and investigate through a variety of developmentally appropriate activities that provide the practice of new skills in multiple ways.

Learn by offering a variety of hands-on activities for strengthening language, math and science; and enhancing creativity and self-expression through art, music and dance.

Grow by providing experiences that promote creative thinking, problem solving and better prepare children for kindergarten entrance.

Encourage social and emotional growth by building self-esteem and helping children to achieve responsibility, independence, self-control and the ability to interact positively with others.

Nurture emergent literacy by providing an environment and activities that foster language development and encourage interest in reading and writing.

Explore amongst a child-centered room environment that supports all areas of development and meets the needs of each individual child by applying the theory of multiple intelligences.


And last but not least……have fun!

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that each student will be met at their own individual level, while being guided, challenged and encouraged to be successful at the next.

My girls are so engaged at “school” that its hard to get them to leave some days. – Gabriel F.