My daughter loves this school! She loves Ms. Leslie so much and all her little friends. She has thrived and learned so much here. So grateful for the team and all they do for the kiddos. Definitely, if you can get a spot, bring your babies here!!!

Rachael V.

My son has been going here for two years and we love the school… it’s prepped him for kindergarten which was my main goal!
The school has amazing curriculum and very friendly and knowledgeable teachers!

Harm P.

My daughter went to Sunnyside Preschool right before Kindergarten. We had the absolute BEST experience!! They were always doing fun games and learning and she was more than ready to head off to school. One of the things I loved most was the staff! I still will occasionally see some of the teachers and Cindy and they still ask about how my daughter is doing! They go above and beyond it making your child feel important and want your child to succeed!

We love Sunnyside and highly recommend it!

Lea G.

I had my 2 children attend Sunnyside and loved their experience. The social emotional growth they got in Pre-K and Jumpstart Kindergarten, was exactly what they needed to have confidence going into Kindergarten. My husband and I often reflect on how grateful we were to give our children the gift of early education with such an amazing staff. They taught me so much too.

Brenda T.

If I could give this wonderful school a million stars, I would. My son just finished his first year of preschool and he loved every second of it. He couldn’t wait to jump out of the car and see Ms. Kendra and Ms. Ana. The entire staff is amazing. They treat the kids as their own. They do special projects. This year was cut short and they did any and everything they could to continue his education. They created videos of his normal routine, reading, numbers. They did a special end of the year good he, all abiding by the government guidelines and restrictions. And they still made it fun. That are such a great group of people I can’t recommend anyone better than the staff at Sunnyside.

Michelle B.

As a military spouse and educator, I have found that finding a preschool that fit our family’s needs to be challenging, especially when we were faced with researching while stationed across the country!

I was so impressed when Cindy took the time to discuss the curriculum and the Sunnyside philosophy of early childhood education. She addressed my concerns, gave me detailed descriptions of daily activities and how the teachers measured and assessed growth. She invited me to tour the school as soon as we arrived to the area, but based on our conversation, I already knew Sunnyside was where I needed to have my children. I can truly say, that the teachers at Sunnyside are some of the best people I know! They are hard-working, eager to learn alongside their students, and LOVE teaching. Their passion for teaching and the love they have for their students is shown through the meaningful learning activities they create and the welcoming environments for the students.

We truly miss Sunnyside and feel blessed that it was such a wonderful experience.

Maryann E.

Our four-year-old son is thriving at Sunnyside Learning Center! He is genuinely excited to go to school each day and has formed special bonds with his teachers and classmates. He has mastered all of his letters and numbers and is working on phonetics and sight words. He enjoys practicing his handwriting and always looks forward to the “letter of the week.” We’ve been most impressed with the rigor and curriculum of the full-day preschool program. We have no doubt that he will be prepared for kindergarten. We are excited to pick him up each evening to hear about his day, look at his school projects and artwork and get progress reports from his teachers. In addition to academics, he is growing socially and artistically. We appreciate that he gets ample time to play both indoors and outdoors and we eagerly anticipate his seasonal class musical concerts. We have only lived in Lake Stevens for 18 months, and Sunnyside was the answer to our prayers. We applaud the teaching staff and Cindy and thank them for their dedication to our son and to early learning.

Jim & Jayme Taylor, Lake Stevens

Sunnyside Preschool’s Pre-K program was my daughter’s first education and social experience. Sunnyside’s environment and curriculum is supportive, welcoming and fosters a child’s growth, and because of that I am confident that my daughter is ready for Kindergarten. Thanks Cindy. We will be sending our younger child to you in a couple years!

Kristina Rutledge

My child attended Sunnyside Preschool for 2 years, she entered as a very shy and timid child. Tears would run down her face at drop off, however the tears only lasted for the first couple days. Now in her final year with Sunnyside, she is leaving with tears, not because she wants to leave the school but because she wants to stay. She has gained confidence, independence and a great deal of knowledge from her years at Sunnyside. The communication from staff to parents is fantastic, I especially love the monthly emails so I am kept informed. The level of education my child received has far surpassed my expectations and I cannot wait for my son to start his journey with Sunnyside Preschool.

Words can’t quite express our appreciation for all of you and the “magic” that you have provided for these precious children. Thank you so much for the past two years. Erin’s life will forever be enriched by having such a wondrous educational beginning at Sunnyside Preschool.

Smith Family

We love Sunnyside! Our son spent two years there and now our daughter will start in the fall. The staff at Sunnyside are amazing. My son is hesitant in new situations and was very unsure about starting preschool. His teacher was so warm and welcoming and really put him at ease. He loved her and had a great first year. Then his second year he was nervous about being with a new teacher, but once again the teacher was wonderful and he loved her too. His two years at Sunnyside really helped him to blossom and grow and be fully prepared for kindergarten. I’m excited for my daughter to attend there as well. I love that Sunnyside is academically strong but recognizes that children learn through play, so there are plenty of opportunities for that. I also appreciate their emphasis on outdoor time, even in the winter when it’s raining! That time is so important and healthy for kids, and I love that my children see it modeled each day they are at preschool. Thank you Sunnyside, for the great environment you provide!

Keri Moore

Thank you for such a great year of preschool with Thomas! We have truly enjoyed watching him learn and interact with the other kids and his teachers. All of the projects were very well planned and Thomas was always excited to show us his newest creation. My favorite times this year were hearing Thomas sing a song in Spanish about the ABCs that I didn’t teach him. It has been so exciting to know that he has been learning so much. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Chris and Elise H.

Dear teacher Cindy,
Thank you for being my preschool teacher, for watching me grow, for helping me learn, for encouraging my creativity, and for celebrating my independence with me. I am now ready for kindergarten, but will sure miss you. Thank you for always making me feel special.

Love, Karen

My son attended Sunnyside Preschool for Preschool and PreK from 2012-2014. When I moved to Lake Stevens I wanted to find a preschool for my son that had a school-like atmosphere and one that did not feel like a daycare. I found exactly what I wanted at Sunnyside.

This school is staffed with a wonderful group of teachers. Each and every one of them are full of kindness and compassion. Each day that my son was dropped off for school I knew that he would be in a great environment, full of competent individuals where he was able to learn a variety of things while having fun at the same time.

I am happy with my decision of choosing Sunnyside for my son’s Preschool years. And if you choose Sunnyside I am confident that you won’t be disappointed.

Rona Kirk

My granddaughters go to preschool here and it’s amazing how much they are learning!

Rodney F.

My daughter is excited to go to preschool every morning. The teachers are excellent as well as nurturing and the facility is very comfortable and stimulating for children.

Colleen Y.

My girls are so engaged at “school” that its hard to get them to leave some days.

Gabriel F.

Great school for our kids. You can tell that the teachers truly care about the kids. Thanks and keep it up!

Jon H.

This is an amazing school highly recommend it for anyone our daughters already learning how to read and she’s accelerating so fast it’s amazing.

Jeremiah J.

All 3 of my granddaughters have attended Sunnyside Preschool and LOVED it! So comforting to know that there is such caring staff to provide the kids with a wonderful first start at school.

Barb M.

Sunnyside has wonderful caring staff ready to engage children in their first “school” experience. I am confident every day that my twins are safe, well cared for, provided with enriched learning opportunities, and having fun too!

Kara F.

They are progressive in also teaching children and with programs that stimulate their minds and body. their teachers and helpers know and help each child to grow and learn and have fun to help them is a happy place for children to be.they always have extra activities for the children. they are now celebrating their 25th anniversary in preschool and day care.

Maryjane P.

We are new to the community and chose this school based on recommendation from other parents. We have been so pleased!! Our son loves his school and we are so impressed by the teachers and the creativity they use to teach!

Heidi F.

My daughter loves the interaction she receives from all the teachers and classmates, and especially circle time and outdoor time! She loves coming every day and always wants to play school on her days off. 🙂

Mamie C.

Our daughter has only been attending this fall and has already learned so much!!! The staff is caring and attentive to each child’s needs and makes each and everyone feel special!

Meaghan F.

They are reasonably priced and have an excellent reading enrichment program to help prepare preschoolers for kindergarten!

Heather C.

My son learns so much there.

Luke S.

We started here a few months ago, we could not be happier! The curriculum and staff are above par and our little one is so happy!

Toni Leighle

My son loves going to preschool here! They have a great staff who really love the kids. My son had learned so much from all of them. I can’t wait for my daughter to go there when she is ready for preschool.


They are great with the kids and provide a lot of adventures and learning experiences – as well as a fun, educational environment.

Linda P.

Awesome place!!! My 3 year old just started and lovesssss it!!!

Kyle K.